OUTLET by AHYEON RYU at MUSEUMHEAD curated by HOJUNG HUR [from 20231215 to 20240127]

[Photos: Junyong Cho]

Ahyeon Ryu’s solo exhibition Outlet is staged as a temporary store open in a sense of urgency. The title “Outlet” refers to a temporary marketplace where unsold goods are sold at a low price, and a way of consumption. Ryu transcribes the human body captured by the logic of consumerism into sculptures and the movements involved. Structured in two parts, as a “showroom” and a “fitting room,” the exhibition shows bodies that have been absorbed into flat images or into fashions that need to be renewed day by day. The exhibition Outlet presents the flattened body as trapped in the capitalistic presentism but implies a transition of it as a new model of subject.

[Text: Hojung Hur]

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