JARDIN VOYOU by ANNA REUTINGER at LA TÔLERIE curated by MARIE L’HOURS and TOM CASTINEL [from 20240510 to 20240713]

[Photos: Marjolaine Turpin]

“Let me tell you a story of the first human invention—the bag—and how it carried all that was picked and grown and sown on the land. This bag did not kill, did not waste, it kept work slow and left little trace. This bag was woven and so were the first walls of shelter, bending trees and grasses and hides into shape, the first divide between skin and soil, sun and brow, us and our fate.”

So weaves the beginning of Anna Reutinger’s “Jardin Voyou” an installation and performance night in which a cast of nonhuman actors in a highly manicured garden, stage a revolt against the gardener. With elements that are natural dyed, quilted, plaited, sung, stitched and danced, the tale of this garden unfolds to reveal a reflection on how textiles have mediated human interaction with the planet and with each other.

Reutinger’s work invites second hand and organic materials, craft techniques, social encounters and histories to intertwine—enacting a hands-on approach to research in which process and outcome are conceptually linked. Working between installation and performance, she invites others in, through workshops and participatory moments aimed at enacting a craft-based approach to critically and affectively reimagine our world. Within this, she uses the past to abstract the present, to show we have not always lived this way and will not continue to.

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