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Plan Américain is Rodrigo Oliveira's first solo exhibition at Balcony Arte Contemporânea.

The exhibition takes the context and location of the gallery as an underlying theme; the Avenida dos Estados Unidos da América (USA Avenue); as well as the film, Os Verdes Anos (The Green Years) of Paulo Rocha, 1963, filmed, almost in its entirety in the areas adjacent to the Alvalade neighbourhood.

By evoking the architecture of the buildings surrounding the gallery, the artist resorts, once more, to the housing models of Le Corbusier to address recurrent themes in his work. Such as utopia and dystopia in modern architecture, the concept of periphery and deterritorialization and cultural westernization in the age of artificial intelligence.

Without unravelling too much, three new installations, several new pieces and a video will be presented.

The artistic practice of Rodrigo Oliveira (Sintra, Portugal, 1978) intentionally resorts to a multitude of operative means and material supports. His work is shaped up in a unique and experimental way in objects created from a skilful and precarious improvisation logic. In his recent trajectory, the processes and methods of repetition, collection and seriality are essential.

In a rather unique way, the artist addresses an intense research that questions the repercussions of “Lusophone Tropicalism” on the heritage of modernist architecture and the legacy of Conceptual Art as miscegenation in contemporary culture. His work reveals a possible translation of the individual condition in a world dominated by the diaspora of political, economic, social and cultural models.


Rodrigo Oliveira (Sintra, 1978) Lives and works in Lisbon. Completed his academic degree at Chelsea College of Art & Design in London, in Fine Arts University in Lisbon and in independent program of studies of the Maumaus - School of Visual Arts. He received a scholarship from Fundation Botin in Santander, Spain. In 2010 and 2018 he was awarded by Lisbon City Council the Municipal Studios Contest.

He has exhibited selectively, regularly, nationally and internationally since 2003. He’s represented in several public, private and institutional collections both in Portugal and abroad.

The highlights of his exhibitions are: Sex, Shadow Boxing and a Wall, Filomena Soares Gallery, Lisbon (2019); Utopia /Distopia Part II _ MAAT Museu, Lisbon (2017); De lá Ville à lá Villa: Chandigarh Revisited, Le Corbusier Villa Savoye Poissy, Paris (2016); Utopia At Plateau And An Indian Brasília, Filomena Soares Gallery, Lisbon (2016); Projecto Parede, MAM – Modern Art Museum of São Paulo, Brazil (2013); Coisas de Valor e o Valor das Coisas, Cosmocopa – Contemporary Art, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2011); A primeira pedra (e todas as outras mais), Chiado Museum, Lisbon (2011); Ninguém podia dormir na rede porque a casa não tinha paredes, Filomena Soares Gallery, Lisbon (2010); Utopia na casa de cada um (2009), Visual Arts Center, Coimbra(2009); ResPública 1910 – 2010 face a face, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon (2010); A Culpa Não É Minha, Berardo Museum, Lisbon (2010); Where are you From? Contemporary Portuguese Art, Faulconer Gallery, Grinnel, Iowa, E.U.A. (2008); Eurobuzz, Agorafolly – Europália European Festival, Place de la Chapelle, Brussels (2007); There’s no place like home, Homestead Gallery, London (2006).

His work is included in several public and private collections, such as: EDP Foundation/ Collection PCR, Portugal; MNAC - Chiado Museum of Contemporary Art, Lisbon; PLMJ Foundation, Lisbon; Leal Rios Foundation, Lisbon; Norlinda and José Lima Collection, Porto; Portugal; António Cachola Collections, Elvas, Portugal; Peggy Guggenheim Museum, Venice.

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