FOUNTAINS by GHISLAINE LEUNG at SIMIAN [from 20230225 to 20230416]

[Photos: GRAYSC] [Images courtesy: the artist, Simian]

Catalogue Work, 2020. 537 Characters, 101 Words. Variable Dimensions.

The term shedding light is often used in the context of explanatory texts. I have dozens of photos I have tried to take of someweird thing in the inside of my mouth using the flash on my phone, or sometimes a combination of torch and flash, awkwardlyboth positioned in one hand. To see some little fleshy nodule or chewed bit of mouth. And the photos are inevitably over orunder exposed or blurry or at the wrong angle. Illumination is perhaps not the same as more light, it is often something thathappens in and because of the dark.

Ghislaine Leung (born 1980 in Stockholm, Sweden) is a British artist whose work often take a critical look at the sociopoliticaland spatial conditions of art production and (re)presentation. Solo shows have been dedicated to her practice at MaxwellGraham/Essex Street in New York City (2022/2019), Ivory Tars in Glasgow (2022), Caravan in Oslo (2022), Museum Abteibergin Mönchengladbach (2021), Ordet in Milan (2021), Cabinet in London (2021) and Künstlerhaus Stuttgart (2019) and elsewhere.Leung has recently participated in group shows at KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin (2022), The Renaissance Societyin Chicago (2022), anonymous gallery in New York (2022), CAPC in Bordeaux (2022), Goldsmiths CCA in London (2022),Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien in Vienna (2022), Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen in Düsseldorf(2021), among others. Her book Partners was published by Cell Projects in 2018, her second book will be published by DividedPublishing this year. Leung lives and works in London, UK.

[Text: Ghislaine Leung]

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