ENTELÉKHEIA by BERENICE OLMEDO at LODOS [from 20230206 to 20230325]

[Photos: Ramiro Chaves]

For several years, Berenice Olmedo has critically examined established hierarchical structures in society based on the hegemonic notion of a normative way of being. Her work has long focused on the compulsion to conform to a norm. Olmedo has paid attention to what was marginalized or what was discarded precisely because it did not fit into these normative categories. Olmedo has used custom-made orthopedic devices, objet trouvés that have left their function behind, as material and medium to problematize the societal tendency toward standardization that is symptomatic of discrimination and marginalization.

In this new body of work, however, she no longer uses orthopedic devices that are meant to shape, replace, or complete body parts as objet trouvés. They now serve as source material to create her very own, idiosyncratic shapes and figures. She joint various prosthetic arm and leg sockets as well as scoliosis corsages and collars to create ambiguous forms, cast them in plaster, sculpted them further, and then molded them in the material used for prostheses. Thus, she creates sculptures that break away from the human body as reference and have become pure form, free of fixed and categorizable physical references. What they are is no longer something that is projected onto them; they elude any categorization. They define themselves solely through the conjunction of their parts, the potentiality lies in themselves, in their own completion.

[Text: Lodos]

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