N U R T U R Æ L with works by KANAKO AZUMA, SARAH DOERFEL, NILE KOETTING and THE AGENCY at LOTHRINGER 13 HALLE [from 20220609 to 20220710]

[Photos: Mirko Schütz / Philip Frowein / Sarah Doerfel]

In N U R T U R Æ L the sun is omnipresent. Forests and seas of the earth have silted up, while known and unknown beings try to ensure their survival collaboratively: potential ecosystems of living objects, no longer human people and animal species that practice or unlearn a future existence.

N U R T U R Æ L looks into a not too distant future in which the precariousness of survival for different life forms is once again felt. How could a poetics of relationships with the earth be rehearsed, beyond a centering on the human or the living?

Nile Koetting's works, which deal with states of emergency and evacuations, encounter the often violent and yet sometimes healing cooperation between humans and other living beings in Sarah Doerfel's works. While Kanako Azuma deals with the slow erosion of the continents by water in her video work, THE AGENCY imagines possible life on earth after the human species disappeared.

N U R TU RÆ L, neologism composed ofto nurture, nature, reality/fiction to nurture also: to nourish, to feed, to nurse


from Latin "natura" for essential quality, in antiquityfor "birth". The term describes phenomena ofthe physical world and life on earth. Although humans are part of nature, even if only a small part ofthe earth's biomass, human activities are often understood as separate from natural phenomena. Depending on the context, "natural" is understood as the opposite of "unnatural" or "supernatural".

reality / fiction

According to Elena Esposito, real reality is notionally unrealistic. It is contingent: the coincidental and the actually quite improbable can happen at anytime. Fiction, on the other hand, is an explicitly invented, alternative reality. It presents a possible world that is so plausible that it could be true.


SOLASTALGIA by and with Challenge Gumbodete, Kate Strong, Liina Magnea
Artistic Direction THE AGENCY: Belle Santos, Sofie Luckhardt, Yana Thönnes
Sound Design Nile Koetting, Nozomu Matsumoto
Artistic Production Sofie Luckhardt
Technical Direction, Collaboration Set Design Amina Nouns
Outside Eye Sarah Johanna Theurer
Support Artistic Direction Veronika Müller-Hauszer
Support Scenography Nevo Bar
Voice Over Mona Vojacek Koper
Tech Light and Sound Martin Siemann, Joannis Murböck
With quotes by Abinadi Meza, Maggie Nelson und Timothy Morton

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[Text: Lothringer 13 Halle]

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