BESTAS by MANÉ PACHECO at BELO CAMPO [from 20220915 to 20221119]

[Photos: Vasco Vilhena]

More than a closed narrative, mythology is an instrument of the ethical being that formulates a trans-corporeal materiality whose beliefs and forms are mutually constitutive. To look into the oeuvre of Mané Pacheco is to accompany her trajectory in creating a myth-imagination. In Bestas (Beasts), a myth-imagined exhibition, the artist creates hybrid, genderless monsters that are nevertheless sexual (too sexual?) and whose post-extractivist predisposition draws from the folk wisdom and beliefs surrounding the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) native to the Amazon. This tree supplies the raw material – latex – to produce natural rubber, a material recurrently used by the artist.


From the forest to the BDSM scene, the issues of domination are at once expressive and ambiguous. Who dominates whom or what? When and to what extent? Both the simulacrum-dimension of domination and its unavoidability in nature and the world coinhabit in a circumscribed space expanded by the imaginative drive. Cooperation, seduction and threat are the tools that beasts reach for to ensure the balance of unavoidable extractivist actions, which condemn to chaos and curse those who transgress the myth-imagined rules set by Mané Pacheco.

Belo Campo is an epiphyte space for contemporary cultures initiated and run by artist Adrien Missika and hosted by Galeria Francisco Fino. It is located in the basement of the gallery in a former wine cellar.

Belo Campo is a not-for-profit structure that aims to infuse and diffuse ideas, experiment with space and time, propose and question formats of contemporary cultures.

[Text: Belo Campo]

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