A L T A R by MIT BORRÁS at PANČEVO BIENNALE curated by MAJA ĆIRIĆ [from 20220527 to 20220627]

[Photos: Mit Borrás]

The curator Maja Ćirić, commissioner of the Serbian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale (2007 & 2013) and expert in artificial intelligence in the context of art+science, presents for the Pančevo Biennale at Serbia, the new work by Mit Borrás.  

Borrás’ Altar is a totem devoted to a Digital Nature. A synthetic jungle and a meditation space offering a purification ceremony in a site specific installation, an altar for an experience to connect and feel the fantasy of being mycelium, a savage and hyperconnected nature, all intermediated by high technological progress devices. It is a wellness yoga experience to be part of the process of the biosphere as the cycle of life of the mushroom, a reish and a maitake, aJelly Fungi, Chanterelles, Bracket fungi, Orchid, Peruvian Lily, Chrysanthemum and finally become an AI cyborg.

Eternal life and the dream of transformation into a transhumanist being through digital stimulation is the philosophy of Altar, a healthy and fulfilled life based on a solid balance between body and mind. Borrás’ Audiovisual installation is dedicated to physical and emotional well-being, inspired by traditional transcendental Sweat Lodges ceremonies combined in the shape of a modern cave. It is located in a Serbian brutalist building in the city of Pančevo, inspired by the futuristic architectural style of Dubai.

The installation consists of a digital work, a 30 minutes 4k film with encyclopedic images of nature and bionic arms melting in soft pastel green tones with a medical aspect. The space is filled with a synthetic fog that permeates the entire gallery along with the sound piece of ASMR therapy sounds designed to connect with adaptation and the fiction of a taoist, hedonist future.

Mit Borrás (Madrid 1982) is a visual artist Madrid and Berlin based with an extensive. His work deals with the idea of Adaptation through ergonomics and the relation between technological progress, human and nature.

His work has been exhibited at Pompidou, Paris (2022), Art Dubai, UAE (2022), the Hara Museum, Japan, Tokyo (2010), Exgirlfriend Gallery, Germany, Berlin (2016-21), Tick Tack Gallery, Belgium, Antwerp (2021), The Wrong Bienale, France, Paris (2021), Art Cologne, Germany (2021), Pylon Hub. Dresden, Germany (2021), Harddiskmuseum, France, Paris (2020), Arebyte Gallery, England, London (2019), Towards the Last Unicorn, Brazil, Sau Paulo (2019), MeetFactory Gallery Czech Republic, Prague (2019) Dimora Artica , Italy, Milan (2018), Frontviews, Ausrtria, Vienna (2019), Germany, Berlin (2018) and Greece, Athens (2018), Aleph Projects, Israel, Tel Aviv (2017), HGB Gallery, Germany, Lepzig (2018 )), Biennial of Media Arts of Chile, (2017), Palacio Fernandini and Arte Lima, Peru, Lima (2016), Museo de Bellas Artes de Chile (2017), Kreuzberg Pavillon, Germany, Berlin (2013) and Norway (2016) ), Loop Barcelona (2010, 15-19), Transmediale, Germany, Berlin (2011) Fonoteca Nacional, Mexico (Mexico City 2010) among others. Borrás’s work can be found in collections such as the Harddiskmuseum Collection or the Video Corporation Collection of Chile.

[Text: Maja Ćirić]

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