PARIENTE by JULIA PADILLA at FUNDACIÓN EL MIRADOR curated by LAURA OJEDA BÄR [from 20210326 to 20210508]

[Photos: Gonzalo Maggi for Botón Rojo] [Performer: Carolina Martinez Pedemonte]

The sumptuous surfaces of Julia Padilla's works attract us with promises of interesting acts. Materials tired of previous lives that find, in a kind of glorious second semester, new plethoric fullness of power. The skin – the most extensive human organ – tickling with curiosity with every new centimeter that our eyes are discovering. Always hunting for delectable experiences.

Of all senses, touch is and was, even long before the current juncture, the most socially controlled. The most public, the most invasive, because it compels an equal exchange. It is impossible to touch without
being touched.

The works that inhabit the gallery on this occasion exploit these crazy desires that awaken in those nearby. They modify the air around them, touching, making the actual contact superfluous, proper. The most diverse materials are related by subverting the traditional categories of daily use. Pieces of things with materials – artificial and natural – coexist without problem or reason, all moving away from what they once were. Becoming unnamed things.

New organizations, new organisms, unspeakable and anonymous objects, but above all private, deploy their wings after their incubation period in the workshop: tests and errors, possibilities, approaches, until finding a stable form. Stable but not final. In the eternal evolution our beginnings and our ends are only conventions imposed by the founding teleological point of view of Western thought.

Julia's works are armed and disarmed with astonishing ease. It would seem that what keeps them together is their gaze, their belief in them. There is almost no evidence of forcing or desire to impose their ideas on them. Their role seems closer to that of a nurturing structure than to that of a traditional creative artistic will. They are fragments of fragments of fragments, proud of each of the parts that make them up. As high sewing models as well as surreal hybrids, they maintain their pose as we stand for their world, tourists at the intersection between their universe and that of the artist. A mixture of alchemist and medium, witch and adventurer, wandering and discovering, through the streets of Buenos Aires, the element that was missing without knowing. Always on guard.

[Text: Laura Ojeda Bär]

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