ON LOOP by MICHEL BLAZY and ENZO MIANES at IN EXTENSO curated by PIETRO DELLA GIUSTINA  [from 20210519 to 20210715]

[Photos: Ludovic Combe]

In extenso is delighted to present On loop, an exhibition conceived by the artists Michel Blazy and Enzo Mianes. By proposing a multidisciplinary artistic intervention that spreads across several locations in the city center of Clermont-Ferrand, the artists seek to raise public awareness about the survival of ecosystems, the link between life and death, and the dichotomy between nature and culture. The exhibition course branches out into different spaces and contexts: a hairdresser's salon, three second-hand clothing shops, the garden of a public institution and a private flat, with the aim of creating a spontaneous and unexpected encounter.

The artists invited Charlie Jouan to present site-specific work in the fountain of Hotel de Chazerat’s garden, headquarters of the Direction des Affaires Culturelles of Clermont-Ferrand. [Other venues: home alonE, Maryloo Chantilly, Chambre 16, Kiff Peace & Kiss, the Hotel de Chazerat’s garden, Selmi Coiffure]

>>> Interview about the show between the artists and the curator

[Text: Pietro Della Giustina]

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