[Photos: Galeria Ocupa]

- Do you think this a porous place?

- I think that all bodies are susceptible of mixing with each other. This place is no different, it’s just another body.

- So you think we can mix with each other too?

- I’m not sure yet, I think that there is something that we should deeply understand before.

- What do you mean?

- For starters, we’re not alive. We don’t have birth or death, and still, we are present. We’re not made of cells but we are made of atoms, we exist in a material plane. If we exist but we’re not alive, how can we mix with each other?

- Can you feel how it moves? Could it be that it’s like… alive?

-  It can’t be!

- But if it’s not alive, how is it moving and contorting or getting cold and warm?

- Don’t you think we should stop asking and should start looking?

- Yes, let’s go ahead and look.

- Let’s.

In this exhibition there is only one gesture, but there are two elements present. A large red layer transforms the place, composed of clay and water. In it, a series of events related to temperature and humidity occur.

Almost like two fusional characters, water and clay mix, move and contract. Clay crackles in the heat and water evaporates, clay dissolves when overflowing with water and the water spreads over the surface.

Barro e Água (Clay and Water) invites the visitor to witness the agency of two elements and their capacity for self-transformation and generation of forms and images. To walk through this landscape-body full of events - of humidity and temperature - and to wonder to what extent the 'things' that surround us, be they a piece of wood, debris on the sidewalk, a puddle of water, or the electricity that runs through the wires and feeds the lights, are not alive, but they do have a capacity for action on the world.

[Text: Galeria Ocupa]

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